Sunday, December 24, 2006

What? I can't get drunk for Christmas?! Isn't that the true meaning of the season?


At 12:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got yer War on Christmas....

‘Twas the Month Before X-Box
and all through our land,
the fake “War on Christmas”
goes according to plan.

It’s always the same,
no matter the facts.
Fake Christian leaders pretend
that they’re under attack!

Say “Merry Christmas” they shriek
or we’ll boycott your stores.
We’ll go on Fox News,
and call you all whores!

We’ll go on talk radio
and create such a clatter,
to distract and divide you
so that nothing else matters.

They divide and they conquer us
in all sorts of ways,
hoping no one will notice
how well their crime pays.

They run up our debts,
with deficits galore.
While they cut their own taxes
and stomp on our poor.

They preach Peace On Earth,
and Good Will Towards Man.
But they dream of war profits
and invading Iran.

And with the war in Iraq,
and more dead every day,
their biggest concern,
is whether you’re gay.

But their whole War On Christmas,
is just this month’s ploy,
to profit from hatred,
as Sears profits from toys.

And if Jesus was born
in this day and age,
He’d die of starvation,
on minimum wage.

And if he survived,
and grew to a man,
they’d call him a liberal,
and toss His Book in the can.

They’d call Him a commie,
a pinko and worse,
then slap both his cheeks,
and send him off with a curse.

They’d sue him in court,
and trademark his name,
and sell him on Wall Street,
for money and fame.

So for this “War on Christmas,”
Don’t shy from the fight
Tell them “talk is cheap,
just do what is right.”

‘Cause Jesus belongs in our hearts,
not up on some wall.
Not stamped on our money,
or in City Hall.

He knows us by our deeds,
not the prayers that we shout.
What we do unto others,
is what it’s about.


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