Monday, December 11, 2006

Two Weeks to Go. Will Christmas Win the War?!

This poster comes from and has the very important message that there is a lot at stake in this war!

For example, pagans are taking advantage of a school's system for notifying parents about community events during this Christmas season. It seems that Jerry Falwell made it so religious groups can use the system to publicize their events. But pagans shouldn't be able to use it. They're not a religion, right? They go on the Naughty List!

In contrast, we have won two victories against the forces of darkness! In Norman, OK it looked as if the annual Christmas Parade would not take place as the parade committee members fought over what to call it. The forces of good saw no reason to change the name. The forces of evil wanted to replace 'Christmas' with 'Holiday', of course. The battle raged so fiercely that all the volunteers quit the committee and it looked as if the parade just wouldn't happen!

Happily, a community member stepped up, a new committee compromised on calling it the 'Main Street Christmas Holiday Parade' and it took place on schedule! Although not a decisive victory (since that dreaded H word is in there), it was close enough to a victory that we will call it one!

Meanwhile, it looked like Christmas wasn't going to happen in Tuscaloosa, Alabama! Nobody in town donated a Christmas tree to stand in the place of honor in front of the courthouse! It looked as if the prestige of their annual Christmas parade (named "Christmas, a Recreational Celebration") was threatened! But finally, Carl Snyder donated a 30 foot tall cedar and the skirmish was won! Their parade and tree lighting took place just as scheduled.

Despite these triumphs, some bloggers are deciding to fight on the dark side in the war. One code-named 'Atrios' decided the trees at Sea-Tac aren't that big a deal. But it's a major battle in our war!! He and his commenters are all on the Naughty List. Another blogger code-named 'John' has erected a huge Grinch which is glaring at Washington D.C. with malevolent eyes. His commenters think it's funny (well, the ones who get what it is). So he and his commenters go on the Naughty List, too!

But take heart! All sorts of people are fighting back against the secularists efforts with song:
  • Dr. BLT is striking a blow against Best Buy's refusal to have its clerks say, "Merry Christmas".
  • Weird Al does his bit for the war effort.
  • John Lennon cheers us all up (the pictures don't quite match up with the cheery message of the song, but we think the intention was good).
  • Finally, an unknown young soldier gives his all for Christmas!
Oh! And it was International Human Rights Day yesterday. I was so busy making sure people toed the line on Christmas that I forgot to post about it. Oh well.


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