Friday, December 15, 2006

This Morning's Dispatches:

Our newest weapon in the War on Christmas: Attack Chihuahas!

- On the home front, those spoiled rotten Americans are complaining about the War on Christmas. They seem to think commercialism is the big problem of the season, not intolerance of Christian traditions. How dare they not support our War?!

- The government of the Phillipines goes on the Naughty List for banning Christmas gifts to government offices and officials. They think it looks like bribery.

- Ethnic Indians in Northern Ireland are proving they don't mind Christmas by holding a Christmas party!

- And Christmas has inspired this diamond-encrusted cake in Japan. So, if the Irish-Indians and Japanese can celebrate Christmas, why can't we?

- George Diaz agrees, so he gets the final word this morning. He is sick and tired of those Christmas party poopers, but forgives them anyway... as long as they give him his Christmas back! Amen!


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