Saturday, December 23, 2006

T minus 2 Days and...

Sporty was supposed to post yesterday while I continued to recuperate from my Stale-Christmas-Cookie-Induced PTSD (SCCI-PTSD). But there was no post. I'm afraid; I think we may have our third casualty in the war on Christmas! Please, if anyone has any information, put it in comments!

Meanwhile, on the larger front on the War Against Christmas:

- The Vietnamese are celebrating Christmas with dogs -- but not in a good way!

- Christmas is under attack in China, too!

- This woman completely butchers the "Twelve Daze of Christmas" by making it a drinking song! What does Christmas have to do with drinking?!

- Another Christmas tree turns on its owners!

- Zimbabweians are too poor to celebrate!

- Susette Kelo desecrates the meaning of Christmas Cards!

- No Christmas trees in Baghdad!

- The West Dorset District Council is more interested in Christmas rubbish than in Christmas!

- More liberal media outlets attack Christmas Warriors!

- These trailer park denizens will be torn apart!

- Even the weather is fighting us!

Is there any hope for Christmas taking place this year? Could it be possible that we have lost the War?! It looks grim. All we have to counter this bad news is one incident in Spokane!

If you see Sporty, please let me know in which hospital he is recovering! Please!


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