Monday, December 11, 2006

Rapine in Seattle!

Brave defenders of Christmas at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport were forced into a Hobson's choice this weekend: either remove Christmas trees which traditionally were placed around the terminals to brighten the travels and travails of passengers or erect an enormous Menorah to commemorate Hanukkah.

What else could they do? They boxed up the trees in the dead of night and moved them to an unknown location. All because of the complaints of one man, a rabbi who was just trying to 'add some light' to the holiday. Airport officials tried to make it sound like a victory rather than a defeat:
"We decided to take the trees down because we didn't want to be exclusive," said airport spokeswoman Terri-Ann Betancourt. "We're trying to be thoughtful and respectful, and will review policies after the first of the year."
The instigator of this bloody battle tried to make it sound like the airport was overreacting, but failed:
"Everyone should have their spirit of the holiday. For many people the trees are the spirit of the holidays, and adding a menorah adds light to the season," said Bogomilsky, who works in Seattle at the regional headquarters for Chabad Lubavitch, a Jewish education foundation.

..."They've darkened the hall instead of turning the lights up," said Bogomilsky's lawyer, Harvey Grad. "There is a concern here that the Jewish community will be portrayed as the Grinch."
Grinch indeed, Rabbi Bogomilsky, if that is your real name! Why do we need to be sensitive to people of other faiths? It's just an international airport!

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