Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Outrage in Boston! Outrage in Cleveland! Outrage on the Internets!!

The Boston Globe reports a shattering loss to our forces in the War on Christmas: a troop of Boy Scouts declare that they had some Christmas trees stolen! Hear that America? They are Christmas trees, not 'Holiday Trees'. The scouts were even selling them from the yard of a church.

In these anti-Christmas times, the scouts are receiving little sympathy for their loss. For example, a Wayland Police Officer said, "It's an unfortunate commentary on today's society." Still, despite the blow of from this disapproval and their battle scars, the scouts have not lost hope. After listing the events that would have to be cancelled or curtailed because of the loss, sixth grader Bryce Turner courageously declared,
"Our message to the person who did this is: We're not going to let you ruin our plans entirely"

Similar to the damage done by that insidious thief or thieves, the Cleveland Public Library is attempting to steal Christmas away from us by having a Holiday Concert with their Cleveland Public Library Holiday Chorus. The library bills itself as "The People's University", which sounds awfully communistic. Perhaps that is why they are so evil and godless. Shame! Shame! It's Christmas, Cleveland! CHRISTMAS!!!

Finally, a singer named Dan Zane earns our wrath by doing a music video named "Holiday Time in Brooklyn" for an organization named Heifer International. Heifer buys small animals such as chickens, ducks, llamas, geese, sheep and calves for poor people around the world, most of whom don't even look like they are Christian. Both Zane and Heifer go on the Naughty List. Shame on them, also!!


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