Thursday, December 21, 2006

Nativity Patrol On Duty!!

Yesterday, Pope Benedict told us to guard Christmas against the viscious attacks of secularism by erecting nativity scenes in our homes and in other places. Today, I announce the formation of a Patriotic and Holy Nativity Squad to police nativity scenes on the internet!

Above is our first violation, a nativity scene done for some communistic NPR nativity contest or something. MJ Kramer, you go on the Naughty List!

Our second offender is another PBS Nativity (what kind of contest is this?!) made up of all sorts of crazy characters!

Red Dirt Rose seems to mean well, but what is it with the gaudy colors? Not to mention the discussion of thrift shops, the two Baby Jesuses, the angels which are tiny compared to the Virgin Mary and the starfish! And exactly what is that in the upper left hand corner? Come on, that's no way to honor our Saviour's birth! You go on the Naughty List!

These techies also seem to mean well, but look at the sloppy glue job on the "Wise Men" and there is a distinct lack of fake snow scattered about!

Finally, Annie Everywhere dishonors the Baby Jesus by photographing him when he is having a bad day and has white-out or something on his hands. Oh no! Does this mean he's been huffing?!


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