Sunday, December 03, 2006

It's the First Sunday in Advent

Did you go to church today? Have you spent an hour in reflection and meditation? Do you have your Advent candles to light tonight? If you haven't, better get to it! Christmas isn't just one day in the year -- it's a whole process!

Similarly, the War on Christmas is glowing as hot as that first candle of Advent:

Joel Connelly, a columnist for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, prepares for our Lord's birthday by castigating Cmdr. O'Reilly and Lt. General John Gibson. He also informs us that Fox Corporation goes on the Naughty List again this year for having a "Holiday Party". Will they never learn from their own noble Culture Warrior?

Here is more proof that Fox News is a spy in the War! Sure, they list these decorations as 'O'Reilly Factor Christmas Ornaments', but they are under the header of "Holiday Ideas"! Shame on you, Fox!

Just like last year, driftglass confuses us by publishing a stirring and inspirational war speech, but mentions 'Mithras' in the title. Perhaps it's a typo; 'Mithras' does sound like 'Christmas'...

Someone who styles herself as a modern day Delilah does her best to sound reasonable, but despite the great photo of Cmdr O'Reilly, reveals herself to be just another opponent in the war. Sad, really. She also maintains that Delilah didn't shear Samson's locks to sap his manly body of strength. Sure, Delilah!

Laura Bush, learning from her faux pas of last year, displayed the White House Christmas decorations to reporters and photographers. The worst part of the event was the White House pastry chef saying,
That's quite a job. And we had fun doing it for the First Family and the American people to enjoy during the holidays." [emphasis mine]
It's Christmas, Mesiner! CHRISTMAS!! But Laura does mention he is the former WH pastry chef, so that is probably why he lost his job.

And these pseudo-intellectual photographers seem to imply the White House is trying to distract attention from the War in Iraq and other issues by the token gesture of Christmas decorations. They are wrong. Christmas decorations are never a distraction even when your electricity bill is skyrocketing.

Meanwhile, these folks are undertaking their annual denigration of all things pure and holy. I can't even believe I'm linking to them!

And this ZZ Top look-a-like weighs in on his non-combatant status by saying in America freedom of religion applies to all religions. Yeah, right. We believe someone who looks like this:

Thankfully, VDARE is countering all this 'holiday' nonsense by their annual War on Christmas Competition. Thank God there is some organization preserving our colonial American values! They go on the Nice List.


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