Sunday, December 24, 2006

It's Christmas Eve!

Will Christmas take place tomorrow? Frankly, it's looking bad. Gunfire erupted at a mall in Boynton Beach, Florida and shut down the mall. That's one defeat for Christmas. The Pope offered a wish for peace in Rome, so we'll see if that works.

In the meantime:
- Another Christmas fire
- Things in Bethlehem are somewhat gloomy
- All sorts of folks are being naughty!
- The Phillipines is still digging out from the typhoon.
- The Chunnel is threatened!

But mail carriers are making Sunday deliveries in blizzard-plagued Colorado and Wyoming to make sure Christmas will happen. And Nouri Dawoud is still fighting! So is Bill Donohue. So, perhaps there is hope.

I'll be crossing my fingers and tracking Santa Claus to see if he makes it around the world this year. As of this writing, he's made it to Rome, so maybe that's why the Pope is wishing for peace.

UPDATE: Santa has made it to Paris, France!


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