Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Grinch! And A Bureau of Grinches! And Other Outrages!!

The War is escalating like a Ferrari Roadster!

Larry King attended a Christmas party this week and was apparently quite a Grinch about it. He goes on the naughty list!

Similarly, the Maine Bureau of Liquor Enforcement has censored a beer bottle label which shows Santa checking his list and checking it twice. Officials have declared the label, along with two others which show bare breasted females, to be "undignified or improper." They also say the Santa label would encourage underage drinking. I think it will just encourage the love and kindness of the Christmas season, so the Bureau goes on the Naughty List!

UK Balls Limited, a Christmas Party firm, chose this festive season of joy to declare bankruptcy.
The firm said the problems were caused when a number of firms who had said they would be attending the balls made alternative arrangements.
Let's just hope that this move wasn't yet another battle in the War on Christmas! Appropriately, the liquidation of UK Balls will be handled by Bottomley and Co. How very Dickensian!

Wonkette goes on the Naughty List for compiling a truly depressing "War on Christmas Gift Guide", accompanied by this photo:

Barbara Ehrenreich offers a glimpse of hope for an exit strategy from the War on Christmas, then completely ruins it by considering serving Cuban Pork Roast for Christmas Dinner.

Then this 'Reverend' speaks up saying the War makes him puke and publishing a photo of a dead Santa. The war makes us puke, too, Rev. But we fight on anyway!

Sadly No! goes on the Naughty List for publicizing a charity's* 'Holiday' party and publishing this photo:

Just so you don't get too discouraged and think those 'Secular Progressives' (SecProgs) are winning the war, there is news of another battle won in London!
The lighting of the Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree, a highlight of London's festive period, has taken place. A Norwegian Spruce, complete with garlands of energy-efficient light bulbs, was switched on by Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway.

Sadly, Senator Patty Murray refused to follow Speaker of the House Hastert's recommedation to call our National Christmas Tree a Christmas Tree! Instead, she called it a 'Holiday Tree'. Twice. She goes right on the Naughty List!

UPDATE: The story above about evil Patty Murray is from last year. World NutNet Daily dates all their stories with today's date, so beware!

*Sure, the charity's name is 'Christmas in the City', but once you call use that dreaded H word, you are anti-Christmas. You are either with us or against us!


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