Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Dispatches are Coming In Thick and Fast!

The dispatches on this year's War are coming in so fast that I don't have time to write commentary! Following are the latest missives:

-The first casualty of the 2006 War on Christmas is a 9 year old child!
-A new battle breaks out in Louisville, KY!!
-A man spells out 'Bah Hum-bug' in Christmas Lights!!!!
-Santa banned from church services!
-Christmas outlawed in England!!
-This guy isn't happy about Christmas lights. What a traitor!!
-A 'Coalition" of the War on the War on Christmas' has been formed to ummm... fight those who are fighting the war. I think that means they are on our side...
-Not one celebrity came to the side of Martha MacCallum on Fox's Live Desk when she called for assistance in fighting the War! Cowards!!

Several warriors on both sides of the battle are fighting through the medium of video:

-This noble Santa is fighting the good fight wherever Christmas gifts are sold.
-Another type of Santa has a vlog. So, this is your opportunity to see Santa on the toilet and getting drunk. Yes, he goes on the Naughty List!
-Finally, the Huffington Post has a War on Christmas video game trailer. They go on the Naughty List!

More later! I have to run and cover the new battle in Kentucky!


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