Friday, December 08, 2006

All Hail the Mighty Third... er... Almost a Third!

A recent poll indicates that most people in the U.S. are not offended by being wished a "Merry Christmas!". However, 32% of the people were offended by being wished "Happy Holidays!
"Wal-Mart's change of heart this season could help bring more people into their stores - 35 percent of respondents said hearing "Merry Christmas" makes them more likely to shop there this season," Zogby added.
This poll directly indicates that we are winning the War on Christmas! Almost a third of the people are with us. Over a third if you average the 'Wal-Mart' results with the 'offended' results! Take heart, soldiers, and press onward!

Sadly, the War has claimed another casualty. After Christmas is over, Captain Jack's Christmas Tree farm in Iowa is closing.
In his years playing host to tens of thousands of Iowans, some reindeer and occasionally even Santa Claus, [Bill "Captain Jack" Dennis] said his favorite part has been the kids.

"It's always the smile on the kids' faces, how happy they are running through the field," he said.
You know as well as I do that those kids wouldn't have had as much fun if the place had been named "Captain Jack's Holiday Tree Farm"!

But there are many entities working this year to make sure Christmas is as special and magical as it can be despite Captain Jack's shutting down. Lepe, Spain, has plans to have a White Christmas no matter what:
The southern town of Lepe has not had snow for half a century, but it will have a white Christmas this year, by order of the Town Hall. It has brought in two converted cannons to fire fake snow from its balcony into the town square for 15 minutes every night until Jan. 6.
This guy is doing his part by making sure his lights flash just as he the reporter saw them flash in some beer commercial.

And speaking of commercials, this guy notes that they have always been an important part of the traditions of Christmas:
And just think of all the warm advertising traditions associated with Christmas, from the Budweiser (BUD) Clydesdales to the Norelco Santa. In fact, not so long ago Norelco (PHG) used to call itself "Noelco" during the holidays, using the tagline "Even our name says Merry Christmas."

Seventy-five years ago Coca-Cola (KO) invented the modern image of Santa Claus, a fact of which -- to their credit -- they still proudly boast. But even Coke (NYSE: KO - news) has gotten cold feet; they're featuring Santa on their packaging this year but still won't call it a "Christmas Can" [despite the nice alliteration]. Instead, they printed "Holiday Can" at the top. Ugh.

Finally, President Bush makes sure Christmas stays alive in America by presiding over the lighting of the National Christmas Tree in Washington D.C. And the lighting ceremony starts the "Christmas Pageant of Peace." So there. We won the war. It's time for peace, all right?


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