Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas Under Assault in Colorado!

Colorado is considered the center of strength for Christianity. It's where peaceful and righteous Ted Haggard has had his church and where religious nuts people of the right kind come together to love thy neighbors as themselves. But that cozy state of affairs was threatened this week by a homeowner in Denver who put up a peace sign wreath.

This brazen act of aggression has upset her neighbors who see it as an anti-war statement of some kind or even a symbol of Satan. The gallant Loma Linda Homeowners Association is fighting back and fighting back hard by fining the aggressor, Lisa Jenson, $25 a day until she removes the offensive symbol.

Typical of the bellicose nature of those who would fight peace on earth and good will to all persons, Jenson has declared she will not remove the wreath and will not pay the fine.

Where will this madness end?

UPDATE: Despite his courageous fight, Bob Kearns of the Loma Linda Homeowners Association has conceded defeat and offered an apology to the rabidly anti-Christmas Lisa Jensen who hung the offensive wreath. No word on whether or not the association members he fired will get their positions back.

UPDATE II: And now the New York Times has caught wind of the debacle. So much for Peace on Earth.

Oh, and the entire Federal Government is trying to stop Christmas again this year. The Post Office has only issued one Christmas stamp. And it's ugly.

Meanwhile, there are four "Holiday" snowflake stamps. The Feds and the Post Office go on the naughty list!


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