Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dispatches about the outcome of the War are still coming in! I feel compelled to list them even though we have moved on to other projects. We are procratinating, you say? Well, yeah...

The Reclusive Leftist announced on January 2nd that Christmas, after fighting a last-ditch action at Macy's, finally surrendered. The damned Dr. Violet goes on the Naughty List

The Imperial writes the last of his dispatches from the North Pole, ending with the image of Santa being led away in chains, then admits the whole thing was fake! He is so naughty, that we are putting him on the Naughty list for next year!

Mr. Sun never updated his dispatches after December 9th, so it looks like he was a casualty in the terrible Christmas War of 2005. And dispatches from Operation Kringle Kill indicate they failed in their terrible mission. Thank Goodness!

Finally, The Moderate Voice tries to pull it all together in a way that makes sense. Good luck with that task, Voice!


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