Monday, December 19, 2005

"WELLINGTON (Reuters) - Forty drunken Santas rampaged through central Auckland, stealing from stores and assaulting security guards, the New Zealand Herald reported on Sunday, in a protest against the commercialization of Christmas..."
Say it ain't so, Santa! Was it Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the war??!? (Is that how we explain these people?)

The Times of London has been added to the Naughty list for suggesting that our truly American way of celebrating Christmas hasn't always been the way it is now! Jesus not born in December??!?! Puritans banning Christmas celebrations??!?! Blue robes on St. Nickolas??!?! Santa Claus based on Coca-Cola marketing?!?!? No!! They are wrong!! Bloody Limeys!!

Oh, and I've had enough of our President, also! Not only did he put the dreaded "Happy Holidays" on his Christmas cards, but he also ended his speech last night with that traitorous term. He's on the naughty list... and that includes Laura, too!

Ill will Press fooled me with its animated feature titled "No Christmas For You". I should have known that that piece was a parody once I saw the Parental Advisory graphic... well, and the title... and the title artwork... and the number of obscenities that ranting animated whatever-it-is spewed out... At any rate, they have been moved to the Naughty List.


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