Thursday, December 22, 2005

NEWS FLASH: Someone named Rob Boston made hero John Gibson very, very cross yesterday by calling him a liar about his valiant book, "The War on Christmas". Those Crooks and Liars have the video, which keeps them firmly planted on the Naughty list. Rob Boston is going to join them there!
UPDATE: A reviewer on has a horrible story to share about our hero, John Gibson! Could it possibly be true?!?

Then there is this James Wolcott guy. Naughty list!

Sadly, with bad Santas like these, who needs an anti-Santa commando like this?

He's trying: Jesus' General posts a pro-Christmas news article (or at least a pro-Christ one), but then he continues his Christmas War Canteen with a song called "Santa's Got a Mullet". He's staying on the Naughty List!


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