Sunday, December 25, 2005

It's a tense day because conflicting war dispatches are coming in from all over the earth. Only time will tell if Santa really made it, as NORAD claims (their video looks suspiciously as if it was generated by computer, so can we trust them?):

- Depending on where one is in Baghdad, Christmas is either dying or dead.

- The spirit of Christmas seems to be alive in Boston, MA. Although, in all honesty, so does the spirit of Scrooge as closed churches remained locked despite parishioners requests. It's hard to tell which side of our war Archbishop O'Malley is on!

- TBogg won his personal war on Christmas... or is it just beginning?

- Christmas is alive and well in Pearlington, Mississippi!

- Harry Singer and Georganna Barry-Singer report that they saw Hanukah Harry beat up Santa! Then again, the format for their report is song, so we may be able to discount their accuracy as well.

- Singe, a commenter on Jesus' General, also supplies a drawing of a commie Santa apparently completing his rounds (no presents left in the spaceship), but it is obviously out of date. Note the details of the space ship for example. And Santa is wearing an orange suit with gray cuffs when this year's official uniform is red with white cuffs. Oh, and there is the matter of the USSR flag.

- Christmas is alive, well and playing bagpipes over at Shakespeare's Sister!

- PZ Meyers supplies an image of Santa's death. Since it is a drawing, however, we may remain suspicious of its accuracy.

- Athenae is also uncertain about the state of Christmas on this day.

- Technorati reports that most bloggers and netizens received gifts this morning and that they are writing about a range of emotions from love to crushing disappointment. So, it sounds like Christmas happened as always!

- NPR is still broadcasting David Sedaris' Santaland Diaries, perhaps the most explosive weapon in the War On Christmas the left has to offer.

- Doodle Bean wishes everyone Happy Holidays no matter what, so goes on the Naughty List!

- Ray Wright threatens to start a side war in the War on Christmas over the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas"!

- At this late date, another war denier springs up! Thomas J. Raleigh in the San Francisco Chronicle still maintains that the real wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are more important than the War on Christmas! Imagine!

- Roy Edroso shares his thoughts about Christmas and reluctantly comes out as a supporter.

- Bart shares a traditional Engrish greeting he received.

- Finally, Kimberley Devlin reminds us of John Lennon's anti-war song, "So this is Christmas". It's as timely now as when it was written.

While we wait for the truth to emerge, enjoy some holiday tunes legally and for free courtesy of Creative Commons!


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