Saturday, December 24, 2005

It is Christmas Eve and tensions are running high. Will Christmas happen? Will the forces of that damned political correctness win? Forces on both sides of the issue are preparing for the final showdown in their own ways:

- The Republican Party wishes us all Happy Holidays (and goes on the Naughty List as a result)!

- The Krupniks still have their Christmas display up!

- T. Jeremy Gunn, director of the ACLU Program on Freedom of Religion and Belief, is claiming that the ACLU likes Christmas Carols (and goes on the Nice List)!

- Bill O'Reilly is listing the U.S. Representatives who voted no on the resolution to protect Christmas and thinking about his resolutions for the New Year ("Become more assertive" should be on there, Bill)!

- Bruce Kluger & David Slavin are offering a "Christmas" song (and going on the Naughty List)! (via Jesus' General).

- Dan Brown of the London Free Press thinks Christmas materialism is a good thing!

- Various LiveJournal users are on rants. A sample: The James doesn't like consumerism, plainsong3178 dredges up some bad memories, col1999 wants to remind us that Hanukah came first and nytheron is promising to enlist (and has already gotten a "NOME" tatoo, apparently)!

- The American Family Association is trying to keep people out of the stores!

-Michael is giving us a teaser on his view of the origins of Christmas!

- Curmudgeon Boy takes a stab at reminding us of the reason for the season and just ends up getting put on the Naughty List!

- Scott Shields supports the War on the War on the War on Christmas... or is just confused.

- Robert Silvey earns himself a place on the Naughty List by this swipe at our Commander, Bill O'Reilly.

- Mudcat has lots of Christmas music up!

- Finally, bratalie gets into the true spirit of Christmas!


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