Monday, December 26, 2005


Military Intelligence now confirms that Christmas took place right on schedule, much like last year. The War On Christmas is least for another year and the BBC won!

Yes, there was bloodshed. Yes, there were Godless naysayers. But overall, Christians in the U.S. were completely free to celebrate as they wished. Sadly, so were people of other faiths. Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association is already planning on how to solve that problem for next year!

Plus, as long as there are generous souls who are willing to donate money to repair a symbol in a hurricane-devastated region where many thousands of poor people are homeless, the spirit of the American Christmas is alive and well! [We wonder how much food for homeless people $1 million would buy...]

So, we shall be shutting down this blog until next year's War On Christmas! Feel free to visit the Naughty and Nice List to see how Christmas played out for our various heros and miscreants! We'll leave you with our last Naughty List additions, Green Boy of Needlenose, for his series of snarky posts on the Pope and Scott Bateman for his five short Christmas films, including one which suggests our Commander O'Reilly may be deranged! Bad boys!

Happy Holidays!


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