Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Fox News Publicity Department sent out a "Happy Holidays" greeting card despite Bill O'Reilly's rantings... er... exhortations on the subject of Christmas! Nothing is more damaging to the war effort than traitors within the ranks. Fox's own traitors go on the Naughty List! Stay strong, Bill!

In Other News - A Look Back at Christmas Wars Past:
"And it has become pretty general. Last Christmas most people had a hard time finding Christmas cards that indicated in any way that Christmas commemorated Someone's Birth. Easter they will have the same difficulty in finding Easter cards that contain any suggestion that Easter commemorates a certain event. There will be rabbits and eggs and spring flowers, but a hint of the Resurrection will be hard to find. Now, all this begins with the designers of the cards."

Henry Ford
The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem
Thanks to this post from Hunter for the quotation above which informs us that the War on Christmas has been brewing for nearly a century! Why didn't we listen to Henry when we had a chance?!? (Oh. We did? And decided he was a crank? Oh...). At any rate, Hunter's piece has a variety of quotations from other Christmas Wars past.

I can't believe we haven't been able to defeat those godless liberal secularists! When will it all end?!?


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