Friday, December 23, 2005

Another U.S. Representative, Jan Schakowsky, writes a Christmas "poem" which reveals deep-seated anti-Christmas attitudes! What is it with our elected Representatives writing poetry, anyway? I thought they were supposed to be writing laws! Rep. Schakowsky goes right on the Naughty list along with Dingle! Her poem was up on TPMCafe, which goes on the Naughty list for giving the work a home on the internets.

Agitprop is now posting mocking article after satirical photoshopped image after snarky piece all aimed straight at the heart of our Commander, Bill O'Reilly. They go on the Naughty list for this scandalous piece!

Driftglass seems to be trying to make up for its piece on the Anti-Christmas Commando with this apparent pean to the power of Santa, but a close reading reveals the words "Santaland" and "doom" in the same sentence. You know what that means -- they are lying about admiring Santa Claus! They stay on the Naughty List!

Stephen Colbert tries to make up for his previous snarkiness with his take on the history of Christmas customs. Nope! He stays on the Naughty List! There's also a piece by David Sedaris which is not "The SantaLand Diaries"!

Greg of the Talent Show seems to the war is silly. Something about people being too insecure? Hmmmmmm.....

Blogger note: In Internet Explorer, my profile, the Naughty list and the Nice list are not where they are supposed to be! Look for the lists at the bottom right if you are using Internet Explorer. I believe this is happening because of Microsoft's generosity in funding liberal charities!


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